2 comments on “Vampire Diaries News On Who Will Give Elena Her Daylight Ring ?

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  2. This is Bullshit. We all know Stefan is only after her because of her
    “Pureness” as a human, and that is all he is sexually attracted to after his own denise into Vampyrism…. He can not find her truly alluring after her turn…

    Damon was the one that turned her, Damon is the one that loved her from the start. Damon is the one that deserves her. Damon belongs with her, she is meant for him. If there is any truth, honesty, or integrity in the world, she will end up with Damon, and not that pansy fuckwit Setfan.

    Damon is the only one that can teach her how to be a true Vampyre.

    Sometimes you just have to go with what your instincts tell you to go with….

    It may not always seem right, but your instincts were delveoped over a millennium… they know better than your conscious thinks it does…

    In short… Anyone out there, make me a vampyre too. I beg you. Pelase.

    BITE ME.

    Any comment will do. I will do anything.


    A human wishing to make the transition.

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