3 comments on “Hollywood.com Scoop on The Vampire Diaries – Elena Questions Her Feelings For Damon

  1. i think its really sad that the writers had to cheapen this for damon and elana…it really really pisses me off that they made it this way…poor damon

    • I couldn’t agree more. This whole sire bond storyline sucks. The way I see it, it is just a way for the writers to allow a Damon and Elena love scene to happen, while still making it possible for Stefan and Elena to be together in the end. I mean, Stefan will certainly forgive her for sleeping with his brother if he thinks that it was all out of her control, right? It’ll be made clear that Elena never loved Damon the way she loves Stefan. It was all that damned sire bond. Unsired Elena would never be with Damon. I think this is a really mean and dirty way to treat Delena and all of the Delana fans. I am rapidly loosing respect for JP and the rest of the writing staff. They are killing my favorite show for me. Truly sucks!!!!

  2. Man , it’s like u guyz are reading my mind , when i was watching the episode where Elena and Damon first slipt with each , i was just saying to my brother “something is wrong , they just can’t let Elena have feelings for Damon just for nothing ” . so it’s like u said losing respect and truely sucks

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